Bringing shocking statistics to light in bright photo-booth flash bulbs, last month DDB Germany provided an answer to the question, “What’s black and white and blue all over?”

“Bruise Automat – The photo booth against domestic violence” uses state-of-the-art facial recognition to highlight the prevalence of domestic violence in Germany. To make the project a reality, they teamed up with Hamburg-based nonprofit Terre Des Femmes (meaning Women’s Earth), who work on similar projects that focus on issues like FGM, forced marriage and prostitution, all over the world.

Responding to a recent study that found one in four German women experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives, the agency used a photoautomat, something inherently part of Berlin culture, as a means to bring this statistic a little closer to home. Working with design firm Polyxo Studios, DDB’s photo booth snapped a series of four photos, applying bruises to one of the images – thus bringing the statistic to life.

“Domestic violence is a major problem in Germany. It affects one in four women at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about this,” said the group’s managing director, Christa Stolle. “With this photo booth activation, we clearly demonstrate how serious the problem is, and show that we all can do something to change this picture: by spreading information, by supporting the victims, by sharing this video.”

DDB managing creative director Myles Lord added, “This action is a great example of what happens when you bring creatives and technologists together to the same table,” calling the project “a powerful idea made more powerful by a tireless development team who put not only their minds but also their hearts into this initiative.”

Perfectly marrying tech advancements and creative thinking, this project is a brilliant example of what can happen when we blur the lines between different disciplines and throw the rulebook away.

Campaign: Bruise Automat – The photo booth against domestic violence

Brand:Terre Des Femmes

Agency: DDB Germany