In America, it’s harder to get your driver’s license than it is to buy yourself a gun. At least, that’s what Americans for Responsible Solutions’ newest campaign film says. The grim reality is that every year, almost half of all private gun sales are conducted without proper licensing, permits, or paperwork.

With no background checks and nothing on record, how do you stop guns from falling into the hands of those that are underage, of malicious intent, or perhaps mentally unstable? In the lead up to the annual NRA convention in Atlanta this week, where President Trump will be speaking, Ogilvy have launched a new public awareness campaign.

Founded by former House representative Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly in the wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting, ARS is a nonprofit organisation. Gabrielle herself was shot in the head, along with 18 others, 6 of which were killed. Since this incident in 2011, America has seen too many mass shootings and yet the mounting figures have provoked no response from Congress.

Because current gun laws aren’t strong enough to stop bullets, Ogilvy created something that is: The Bulletproof Poster. Constructed from ½ inch thick Kevlar put into resin, the seemingly flimsy looking sheet of fiberglass is a lot stronger than it appears, stopping a .44 magnum bullet with 240 grain.

The accompanying film sees these posters dotted around the US, alongside people relaying the devastating truth about the current state of lax legislation. But the work isn’t about relinquishing the right to bear arms, it’s about making sure gun owners are properly trained and legally allowed to do so. As one interviewee puts it, “guns in the wrong hands have large, long-range consequences.”

“With so much polarizing rhetoric around the gun-violence epidemic, we wanted to present the message in a straightforward yet surprising way. From New York to D.C. to Chicago, these bulletproof posters got people talking about current gun laws, and we believe that’s a step in the right direction,” said Ogilvy Chicago chief creative officer Joe Sciarrotta, who led this project.

When it comes to addressing these laws, Ogilvy aren’t the first to take on the issue, “The Bulletproof Poster” follows in the footsteps of Grey New York’s “Guns With History” & BBDO’s “Evan.” Though it isn’t the first in a long line of related ads, Ogilvy’s idea is simple, yet unique, its execution hard-hitting.

“The Bulletproof Poster” is a perfect example of using creativity as a force for social good. Marrying out-of-the box thinking with tech innovation, the campaign makes a serious point, cutting through the noise surrounding gun violence in an eloquent and unexpected way.

Campaign: The Bulletproof Poster

Brand: Americans for Responsible Solutions

Agency: Ogilvy