They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in a surprise campaign from Nikon, apparently it’s also a great way to force people into the otherwise tedious task of getting their eyes tested.

Admittedly when you think of the brand Nikon, your mind immediately jumps to camera equipment. But in perhaps a lesser known venue, Nikon also makes the glass that goes into eyewear. In a bid to make people care about the lenses themselves, Nikon teamed up with French agency Altmann+Pacreau to make people work a little harder to get their hands on some grub.

Nikon decked out a seemingly unprepossessing food truck with an eye exam menu, where customers can only order what they’re able to see. Those with impeccable vision are able to build their burger, starting with the most rudimentary of ingredients with the writing gradually getting smaller and smaller until the tiniest of scripts earns them a steak patty.

The unfortunate few who have clearly skipped out on eye tests in the past are left wanting, clutching a rather sad looking sandwich of solitary bread and maybe, if they’re lucky, a little lettuce. But it’s all fun and games and after being ushered into a neighbouring food truck, they are given the opportunity to have their eyes examined by Nikon’s team of professionals. Once they completed the quick exam, they were rewarded in full for their efforts, brandishing the fruits of their labour in glorious jubilation, a handsome burger with all the trimmings.

Though a rather frustrating process that directly counters the convenience of so-called ‘fast food’ trucks, The Vision Food Truck proves its point tenfold while also offering a humorous novelty service.  A simple concept that proves all people need is a little bit of motivation—in just ten days, over 5,000 people were invited to have their eyes tested.

A great example of creativity being used for good, Altmann+Pacreau’s clever little stunt not only managed to promote the brand, but they also tricked people into getting that all important eye test, something that’s a vital necessity for ensuring not just eye health but also screening for more sinister brain and eye problems.

Campaign: Vision Food Truck

Agency: Altmann+Pacreau

Brand: Nikon