Always have proven once again that they are part of a unique collection of brands that care about young girls as well as selling products with their latest “#LikeAGirl” campaign. The multi-award-winning, original campaign came out three years ago, and it could have been enough to cement the brand as a clever and innovative thinker. But the brand didn’t stop there, and all the subsequent #LikeAGirl films have established the campaign as a modern movement rather than just a thoughtful advertising piece.

This new ad, created by Leo Burnett, tackles the fear of failure girls experience during puberty. A study by Always established that “50 percent of girls feel paralyzed by fear of failure during puberty” and “75 percent of girls agree that social media contributes to girls’ fear of failing during puberty.” This is a timely reminder of just how much social media can affect impressionable young girls, giving them a fear of trying new things. In fact, seven in 10 girls avoid it, according to the Always Confidence & Puberty Survey.

The spot, directed by Lucy Luscombe, follows schoolgirls as they face intimidating moments from a dance rehearsal to a chess match before showing them overcoming these fears by doing the action that they were so afraid of. Just as the brand helped challenge negative connotations of the phrase “like a girl”, the next phase of the campaign invites girls to reimagine failure as a path to success, in turn growing their self confidence, finishing with the statement “Because we only truly fail, when we don’t even try.”

Brand: Procter & Gamble Always
Agency: Leo Burnett
Director: Lucy Luscombe
Campaign: #LikeaGirl – Keep Going
Words by Elisa Barnard