Ask anyone who even slightly cares about a band or a specific genre of music and they will tell you that they do much more than listen…

Real fans feel music. Real fans buy records on the sleeve design alone. Real fans have the download, the single, the Japanese import and the 12inch of the same record because it just feels different on vinyl. Real fans can taste the snakebite and smell the sweat in the venue when they heard ‘that’ song for the first time.

Music lives in fans’ hearts and they take that spirit with them everywhere, not just when they walk into a venue or turn on the hi-fi.

HMV’s old model is sickly but there’s something in its heritage that could be it’s cure. In the 50’s it was one of the very first experiential shopping experiences. With road closures for store openings and personal booths that played everyone from Little Richard to Big Joe Turner. HMV was a sensory overload on the high street.