So you want to be branding leader. What knowledge, skills and temperament do you need to succeed in a branding career? And for those already in the business, how do you build upon your experience and success to truly lead?

In a field as multi-faceted and rapidly evolving as the creation and nurturing of brands, there are no set answers to those questions — so we reached out to six international branding professionals, each of whom had distinct perspectives, yet all of whom could be said to share some common themes.

Download the full Branding Roundtable eBook and you’ll hear from:

Tommaso Calzolari, Senior Brand Marketing, Adidas
Michael D’Esopo, Senior Partner, Director of Brand Strategy, Lippincott
Tanya Earley, Director of Marketing, JLL
Debbie Millman, Co-Founder, Masters Program in Branding, School of Visual Arts and CMO of Sterling Brands
Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director, Design Bridge
Phillip Raskin, Professor, Mendoza College of Business at University of Notre Dame, and former CMO of Morgan Stanley

Beyond a wealth of practical advice, you’ll also discover the first question you need to grapple with, at any stage of your career:  What is branding, and why does is matter? One of this month’s participants, Debbie Millman, jumped directly into the deep end of that question, as you will see in the Prologue, and in our video introduction:

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