“Brand governance” may just be the least sexy term in branding. It’s also one of the most important for any marketer that wants to fully leverage, and protect, their brands.

For a look beyond the logo police, see just what brand governance is, why it matters, and how it gets done. We reached out to two seasoned professionals from the client side, and two leaders from brand consultancies.

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Andy Bosman, Principal and CMO, RSM US

Hampton Bridwell, CEO and Managing Partner, Tenet Partners

Gabriel Cohen, CMO, Monigle

Jennifer Larson, VP, Director, Global Brand Management and Governance, BMO Financial Group

 As an introduction the broader discussion, we encourage you to spend just a few minutes with this video of our moderator and Andy Bosman of RSM. Then download the full eBook and dive into the answers you’ll find to the questions below:

  1. How do you define brand governance?
  2. What are the key business benefits of effective governance – and do they apply to any organization, or only to large or global enterprises?
  3. What are the risk factors of poor governance?
  4. What are the main challenges today in creating and executing a governance program?
  5. What do you see as the most promising areas of opportunity for improving governance?
  6. Employees are often spoken of as the best brand ambassadors – can they also be relied on as your best “brand governors,” and, if so, what does that require?
  7. Brand governance is sometimes an afterthought – when should it be planned?
  8. What organizational functions are most important to get on board with a brand governance plan?
  9. Looking beyond the traditional brand guidelines book, what do you see as the most promising new or developing tools for governance?
  10. How do you see the processes of governance changing, or needing to change?

Download the full Branding Roundtable here >