Artificial intelligence, or AI, may well still be in its infancy, but the baby is growing quickly, and ascending a learning curve at an astonishing rate. The entire notion of marketer-controlled brand building is already challenged (some would say completely displaced) by increased consumer control, and may become obsolete as brands literally begin to have minds of their own, capable not just of computing but of learning, adapting, changing, growing, and interacting independently with consumers. The prospect can be both exciting and terrifying – and too extreme a response at either end of that spectrum is, at best, premature.

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So what is the state of AI now, relative to brands? And how should brand marketers prepare for what is to come? In this month’s Branding Roundtable, we put those questions, among more, to three international experts on brand and AI:

Susan Etlinger, an Industry Analyst at Altimeter, a division of Prophet.

Tim Hayden, President, Co-Managing Partner at Brain+Trust.

Simon James, the Data Practice Lead at SapientRazorfish and its EMEA AI Lead.

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