Adrian Pierini

Adrian Pierini

Design graduate from the University of Buenos Aires with honours, Professor of various subjects at the same school and at the University of Palermo, Adrian Pierini is currently general creative director of his own design studio, Pierini Partners. Before opening his own studio, Adrian worked in various argentine agencies: Avalos and Bourse (now Interbrand), Fernandez Raggio and Bridger Conway, starting of as designer, then becoming design director and finishing with a job as design director for the US and Latin America. His conferences have been promoted in most of the continent and he hasbeen responsible for conferences on strategic packaging and branding for leading companies like Cadbury and Unilever. Adrian Pierini has written various articles related to design problematics and is the author of “Designers Go!” based on methodological design. His teaching vocation has lead him to give classes on branding and packaging in some of the most prestigious university’s of Argentina. Since the year 2009, Adrian Pierini forms part of the international jury for the Pentawards, the most important design award worldwide .


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