Ted Leonhardt

Ted Leonhardt

Ted Leonhardt co-founded The Leonhardt Group (TLG), a brand design agency, now Fitch:Seattle in 1985, with his partner Carolyn Leonhardt. The company had 50 employees and $10 million in annual fee sales when they sold in 1999. Ted served as Chief Creative Officer for Fitch:Worldwide, where he had creative responsibility for 570 employees in 25 offices around the world. In 2003 Ted was appointed President of Anthem Worldwide, a brand-packaging consultancy with eight offices. Ted has lectured and written on the subject of design and business for many organizations and publications. He believes that powerful design driven organizations will play a more definitive role than ever in shaping the future. As a business consultant, he is focused solely on creative services, offering a completely individualized approach to every client.


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