Make It About Micro-Actions, Not Big Gestures

Hollywood promotes love and big gestures as if the latter leads to the former. But just as love needs to be proven through everyday actions, and not just the occasional big gesture, so should brands try to keep the spark alive with their consumers and fans. Easier said than done, right? Let’s see what the experts have to say.

Attend a 1-hour thought-provoking discussion tackling:

  • Can big brands mimic microbrands as easily as microbrands mimic big brands?
  • How can the effect of micro-actions be measured?
  • What tech and method can we use to test micro-actions?
  • and more…

Taking action as a brand – building a campaign that aligns with its overarching strategy and voice, and then executing on it – has always been too long of a process. Many of these decisions take months, some even years. And, while there has been an annoying amount of discussion over the past few years arguing the benefits of acting in real time, we cannot pretend that too much was done to push in that direction. Why? Because trying to squish the same steps and bureaucracy into a shorter time span does not work. The mentality of making grand, well-thought-out gestures needs to be not replaced by, but offset by a much stronger focus on micro-actions: those brand behaviors that not only show customers that they’re understood, but also seem serendipitous in their timing. This requires the ability to adapt based on new information, rethinking what it takes to create strong connections, and being open to new avenues of growth.

Can big brands mimic microbrands as easily as microbrands mimic big brands? How can the effect of micro-actions be measured?

To answer these questions and more, we brought together:

  • a brand strategist fascinated by the science of emotion and its well-documented, often ignored, impact on brand loyalty;
  • an expert in neuromarketing and measuring the efficacy of smaller, timely actions; and
  • an award-winning researcher and strategist focused on long-term effectiveness through deep human insight that achieves commercial or social marketing goals.

Here’s a sneak peek of what our guests had to say:

Experts leading the discussion:

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in charge of marketing and customer experience, this one’s for you.


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