Contrary to the pressure you might be feeling, you really don’t need to be everywhere simultaneously. It’s easy to become overwhelmed thinking about the seemingly endless options to choose from. Most business owners feel pressure to juggle multiple social media accounts, email sequences, public relations efforts, etc. It’s enough to leave anyone with a headache — and a loss in which direction to move.

Though some would argue that showing up in different places will help you reach as many people as possible, that shouldn’t be your end goal. To grow and increase brand awareness, it’s about reaching the right people — not all people.

If you don’t know where to start? Choose one tactic at a time. Doing one thing incredibly well is much more strategic than doing a handful of things mediocrely. 

Start with your business goals

The key word here is your. Too often, we get wrapped up in what others do. This brand is on TikTok, that brand has a podcast, and this brand has countless influencers. The problem is that none of those brands have your mission, audience, or goals. So if you develop your marketing strategy around their approach, it’s bound to fall flat.

Establish your end goal first. Then, move into what tactic is going to help you get there. All businesses are in different places — even if they’re selling the exact same things. “They do it, so we should too” isn’t the way to go. Instead, be selfish, put your brand first, and get clear on your goals before moving forward.

Different stages of business, different goals. If you’re unsure which tactic to focus on, establishing your goals will point you in the right direction. 

Startups and early stage companies

Once you have a place to send people, like a website, consider moving into public relations strategies. PR allows new businesses to move in two ways: wide and deep. You can go wide by sharing insight into your audience or industry, reaching as many people as possible. And you can go deep by offering a tactical approach to said audience or industry. 

Many entrepreneurs think social media should be their main (and first) priority, but if you want to grow quickly, there are better moves. These channels can take longer to build up, whereas showcasing your expertise through different PR efforts will help you build credibility while giving you social proof to feature on your website. 

Established companies looking for new customers

Let’s say you’re an established company with a handful of basic customers, but hoping to expand and reach new people. If you want to attract new customers, it’s time to meet them where they’re at. If you’re more B2B focused and want to reach different professionals, LinkedIn is your best bet. However, if your audience is more Gen Z-focused, TikTok is a better use of your time. 

You don’t need to be on every single platform. You only need to spend time on one, maybe two (should you have the resources) channels that your ideal customers use regularly. Then, once you have a handle on your channel(s), consider expanding to others.

Established companies looking for referrals & repeat business

There’s power in not forgetting about your current customer base. If you’re looking for more referrals and repeat business, one marketing tactic to focus on are loyalty programs. Should an image of a well-worn punchcard come to mind, know there are plenty of other forms a loyalty program can take. First-timer discounts, referral rewards, and spending points, to name a few. To convince your current customers to stick around and share the wealth with others, think about a reward or discount that would boost their loyalty.

Brick-and-mortar businesses can go with that classic punch card, while digital businesses can offer a specific percentage off for those who refer their business to someone who becomes an actual customer. PR and social media tend to get all the hype, but these internally-focused tactics can make a massive difference in the long run. The customer experience shouldn’t end with a sale. Remember to nurture those who’ve made your business successful in the first place. 

One tactic at a time

Marketing is a unique beast — one that leads to plenty of analysis paralysis (aka, when we end up doing nothing because the number of options is incredibly overwhelming). Fortunately, focusing on one tactic at a time allows us to hone in on our goals and allocate our resources accordingly. So think about your needs, bring in your audience, and choose the strategy that will help you move the needle forward.

Cover image source: allvision