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Issue 10

Advertising's Recent Paradigm Shift


Our seventh Regular Issue is filled with the words of guest interviewees and long-time contributors, diving into the likes of social media, purpose-driven branding, international design and, of course, dog memes.

We discuss how all advertising can (and will) become social media, how good has replaced sex as advertising's most valuable player and why all brand managers should be considered experience managaers from this day on.

In addition, our exclusive interview with Moodley Brand Identity sheds light on the design differences (and complements) that are the US and EU, while our talk with Hub Strategy uncovers the secret to running a company of 100 high-profile freelancers.

• On Advertising: It’s All a Social Media Campaign from Here

• DJ O’Neil Speaks on Running a Network Agency of Over 100 High-Profile Freelancers

• Love Is Not Enough

• What is Premiumization?

• From Now On, Think of Your Brand Managers as Experience Managers

• Moodley Brand Identity’s Wolfgang Niederl on Design-Minded Branding

• The New Branding Reality: “Game Changer” or “Game Over”

• Step Aside Sex, Good Is Now What Sells


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