Issue 16

Humanity: The Common Denominator
& Differentiator


Curveballs have been thrown at every industry, every kind of organization, around the world. We are at the cusp of understanding that the current state of technology is beginning to fatigue us, making us less productive, and consequently less accurate.

Brandingmag spoke with several thought leaders and they all had a common theme: technology and data today are largely messy and overwhelming. Thought pieces in this issue include a talk with Pearlfisher, who dives into the interesting complexities of the erotics of branding, comparing and contrasting that of human relationships and commitments. Interbrand’s CEO discusses how a brand truly breakthroughs the noise by finding the latent needs of consumers. Accenture reveals how seamless user interfaces are becoming more invisible and tangible everyday. And SapientRazorfish re-imagines what organizational diversity entails today (hint: it’s not simply through quotas).

It’s imperative, now more than ever, that we look beyond shiny, new tech and discover what makes us work smarter, challenges us intellectually and emotionally, and offers a more fulfilling purpose. Simply put, humanity is simultaneously the common denominator and the differentiator.

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