State of the Brand #2

Luminaries of Asia


Asia – a vastness of cultural and commercial difference unmatched by any other place in the world. It’s a place where foreign brands need to step lightly and very few actually know success. On the flip side, Asia has given us some of the oldest, most iconic brands in the world. So, is there something different about their brands, strategies, and management, than what we have in the West?

In our previous SOTB, we found out that Eastern European branding struggles with client education but things are slowly changing for the better. Similarly, the Asian market doesn’t seem to be any different, whether we’re talking local, import, or export. What is mildly shocking is that, for most of Asia, product is still king, and this has huge implications for the way Asian brands are built and managed.

Brandingmag decided to consult branding practitioners from the most evolved regions of Asia, on the state of branding in their home markets – perceptions, struggles, opportunities, and solutions. Together with our 11 guests from 4 countries – Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong (China), and Singapore – we explored how branding is perceived and practiced, and also what foreign brands have to do to stand a chance in this delicate Asian environment.

Interested in learning more? Download the new State of the Brand: Luminaries of Asia here.

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