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Issue 7

The Museum of Sex


We begin our fifth Regular Issue with a look at the new ad-blocking trend traversing the Internet, a contributor piece from Aaron Aders. This is followed by a recap of the Incite Marketing and Communications Summit, with valuable pieces of knowledge from some of the industry leaders that were present. Then the true fun begins. We discuss the attempted rebrand of feminist ideology, the intricacies of co-branding, the Museum of Sex and it’s playful new bar, and square-bottled wine. Like we said, fun.

• The Ad-Blocking Revolution Goes Mainstream by Aaron Aders

• Insightful Incite by Flavia Barbat

• Feminism: The Attempted Rebrand of an Ideology by Katrina Radic

• Two’s a Company: Exploring the Benefits of Co- Branding by Dorian Cioban

• Museum of Sex + Bar = Play Time by Flavia Barbat

• California Wine Squared Away by Jovana Tomic


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