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Issue 8

When a Digital Agency Takes on a Whole Country


This Regular Issue delves into rebranding, co-branding, retail, mobile luxury and social advertising. What does it take to reshape a brand full of heritage? Balance. How do you bring two powerful brands together to target millennials? Digital. Which should retail tackle first, showrooming or webrooming? Both. What does it take to rebrand an entire nation? Courage.

• Kia & YouTube Join Forces to Bridge the On- and Offline by Flavia Barbat

• Michael Kors Takes the Front Seat with Instagram Advertising by Jovana Tomić

• The New Louis Vuitton Mobile App by Dorian Cioban

• In Retail, Which Is the Chicken and Which Is the Egg? by Flavia Barbat

• Past, Present and Future: Philips Rebrands for the 21st Century by Dorian Cioban

• Branding Sweden: When a Digital Agency Takes On a Whole Country by Katrina Radić


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