Issue 1

Why Brand Trust Matters


Highlighting key shifts in the brand:consumer relationship, our first Regular Issue picks at multiple defining aspects of the branding industry. Topics such as brand trust and brand culture are introduced, all stemming from the underlying theme of increasing consumer control and a necessity for more humanized brands. After delving into these concepts (with the help of expert guidance), readers will look away with a stronger understanding of the transitioning consumption trends and consumer expectations.

• Branding 3.0: Delivering a Unified - Not Uniform Customer Experience by Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa

• Why Brand Trust Matters: Do Consumers Trust Brands, and What Can Marketers Do to Build Trust in Their Brands? by Chuck Kent

• Brands Still Don’t Get It: Consumers Are at the Driver’s Seat, Not Brands by Steve Olenski

• The Social Insecurity and Its Influence in Packaging Creations: How Does Fear and Distrust Influence Consumer Behavior Regarding Product Packaging by Adrian Pierini

• But Brand Does Not Make You Unbeatable: Is the Brand Dead, and Can It Create Superior Customer Value? by Vincent Wee

• Leading Innovators Are Changing Their Industries Not Their Products: To Invest or Not to Invest? The Wisdom Behind Innovation and Investment by Vincent Wee

• It’s All in the Bag: A Woman’s Handbag Is a Very Private, Personal Thing, and Also an Insight to Her Consumption Patterns by Glyn Atwal & Kinjal Medh

• The Culture of Cultured Branding - Lessons from Aristotle: Bringing Aristotelian Thought into Branding - Change the Way You Perceive Branding by Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson

• The Evolution of Influence: How Creative Firms Came to Power: Modern Creative Agencies Began Working in the 1700’s and Are Still Evolving by Ted Leonhardt

• Welcome to the All Channel World...If the Shoe Fits Watch It: YouTube’s Rapid Expansion: The Birth of a Multichannel Network by Len Stein

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