The opening salvo in the latest Branding Roundtable describes the industry problem perfectly, as fired off by Veb Anand of Brand Union: “Ad agencies, media companies, digital shops, HR consultants, research houses – all [are] taking the initiative to go upstream and claim brand-building as a value-adding component of their offers… we [need] to differentiate our own credentials and heritage in this progressively crowded and muddled marketplace.”

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But how, and how well, do branding agencies differentiate and communicate their own brands? And what, exactly, is a “branding firm/consultancy/agency” anyway? In this, the fourth edition of The Branding Roundtable, we asked eight firms of varied scope and services to help answer those questions by describing their own branding process and how they apply it to themselves. Download the full eBook and pick up valuable insights from established and emerging global leaders, including:

Brand Union (Global): Veb Anand, Executive Director of Strategy, Americas

HKLM Group (Africa), Sean McCoy, Chief Executive

i.d.e.a. (USA), Jon Bailey, Chief Relationships Officer

Labbrand (China), Vladimir Djurovic, CEO

Lippincott (Global), Heather Stern, Chief Marketing Officer

Liquid Agency (US, EU, LATAM), Alfredo Muccino, Chief Creative Officer

Prophet (Global), Scott Davis, Chief Growth Officer

SGK (Global), Bruce Levinson, VP, Client Engagement


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