Creativity is inevitable. Our industry’s name, our job titles, our awards – they all revolve around the same word. But what is creativity, anyway? Where does it come from and how does it find its way into our purpose and work? It’s not just about art or making things pretty and fun, and it is definitely not about winning awards. We believe that creativity is a state of mind in which one is able to harness all available knowns and unknowns in order to successfully materialize an idea – and it goes far beyond what we call The Creative Industry.

Having decided to dive deeper into this matter, we turned to some of the jurors of the 2019 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and asked them about creativity, brands, and Lions:

Curious what we cover in this edition of The Roundtable? Take a look at the questions we posed our experts and be sure to download this month’s issue:

  1. What is your personal definition of ‘creativity’?
  2. Why is creativity important for brands? Can you give some examples of how it can be useful outside of marketing and design departments?
  3. What is the most important shift that happened in the creative industry in the last year? What will be the most important shift in the next year?
  4. Has the creative industry lost its touch with ‘brands’ and become more focused on ‘Lions?
  5. Is innovation really possible in the creative realm, today? If so, how can it be incorporated into a company’s culture, be it a brand or an agency?
  6. From a total of 100%, how much would you emphasize on each of the following elements that make up the creative essence of a brand: Data, Strategy, Design, Communication?
  7. Do you believe that creatives are fit for top management positions in non-creative companies or would you prefer a former CFO or Sales Director as your CEO?
  8. Emotional or not, AI has become better and better at design work. How do you see the future of designers in a not-so-distant-future where AI handles a lot of the work?
  9. If both would end up on your judging table at Cannes, would you be able to tell the difference between a human’s creative work and that of AI?
  10. Which category are you judging this year and what would you like to see more of, this year, in that category?