Purpose – It’s Not for Everyone

Should you invest in a really creative purpose or should your purpose simply be to offer the best products and services? Find out from Philips, Purpose, cg42, and Glocalities when a purposeful strategy impacts your brand equity for the better – and when it doesn’t.

Tune in for an intriguing discussion answering critical questions:

  • Where does purpose fit into brand strategy?
  • Where does company purpose end?
  • Where does purposeful marketing begin?
  • What gives a brand the credentials to step in?
  • Is purpose right for everyone?
  • and more

“Purpose” has become just another buzzword in the world of brands, leaving us with confusing questions like “what’s the true purpose of brand purpose?” In this masterclass we go deeper to answer this along with other foundational questions like: How can a strategic purpose grow your brand and enhance its equity? What is the difference between having a purpose for your company and communicating that as a brand? When does it work and when does it not?

The expert panelists:

  • Thomas Marzano, global head of brand @ Philips;
  • Dominik Prinz-Barley, partner @ cg42;
  • Laura Quinn, senior strategy director @ Purpose;
  • Martin Schiere, consumer goods lead @ Glocalities;
  • Moderated by: Flavia Barbat, editor-in-chief @ Brandingmag.

Here’s a sneak peek of what our guests had to say:

Purpose is not a marketing trick – either you do it or not – the question is then how central it becomes to your brand strategy?


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