Issue 2

The Content Marketing Issue


Depending on who you follow and choose to believe, content is either an irresistible, rising tide or just another drop in the ever-changing sea that is the current world of marketing. Whatever your opinion, it is at this moment a topic too big to ignore – $44 billion U.S. dollars big, according to one recent survey. Our intent with this special issue is not to provide either a primer to nor an overview of this unwieldy arena. Rather, we hope to stoke enough interest, and raise enough questions, that you will be prompted to truly engage in the content conversation, not only in the pages of Brandingmag, but also throughout your self-curated network of information and influencers.

• The Real Question Isn’t “What Is Content Marketing?” but “Why?” by Chuck Kent

• The Content Beast vs. Brand Truth by Chuck Kent

• 2013, The Year Branding Marries Content?: Three Experts Speak Out on the Intersection of Branding and Content Marketing by Chuck Kent

• Social Media: The New Newsstand by Flavia Barbat

• Where is Content Marketing Headed?: 5 Content and Social Media Leaders Speak Out by Chuck Kent

• Brain Training for Brand Practitioners & Scholars by Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson

• Identify Your Key Brand Components with the Brand Matrix by Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa

• The Good (PR) Client by Len Stein

• Looking Ahead in the Digital Realm by Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa

• The Green Branding of the Future by Dr. Vincent Wee & Thinavan Periyayya

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