Europe’s leading sports channel – Eurosport – is launching a new identity inspired by the emotions associated with sport. The new identity will feature new on-air elements, (scripted and directed by Paris Les Télécréateurs production agency), and a series of six new channel idents, each drawing on one key emotion for its inspiration: Joy, Anger, Empathy, Encouragement, Surprise and Anguish, also incorporating 18 different sports disciplines.

The official slogan of the whole project is ‘All Sports. All Emotions’, and the idea of it is putting the fans and the emotions felt when watching sport at the heart of the narrative.The logo itself isn’t very different from the original – Eurosport made a sleek, elegant redesign just changing the color shades – from a bit naive tone to a more sophisticated one – telling us that they’re updating up to today’s standards, also widening their views and ideas about the channel and the fan’s demands.

All in all, this looks like a good 2011 start for Eurosport – the emotions idea is incredible, while the design itself is really well done.



Eurosport | Ident Empathy

Eurosport | Ident Surprise

Eurosport | Ident Anger