The Van Gogh museum was established in 1973 in Amsterdam, and it holds over 200 paintings as well as drawings and letters of Vincent van Gogh. More than 1.5 million people visit every year, making it the most visited museum in the Netherlands, and here’s it’s new identity designed by Amsterdam-based Koeweiden Postma.

The theme that revolves around the new identity is a pattern nicknamed “the footprint” of Van Gogh’s brush strokes, one of the very well known features he’s paintings are recognized by. The pattern is colorful and bright, therefore it’s eye catching and attracts attention;  it carries the common denominator of a Van Gogh painting without being too literal and it creates a great texture to build the whole identity upon. Mixed with Gotham Rounded font, it makes a sleek and simple yet fun combination.

Above is the logo with the “footprint” mark, combined with corporate colors – shades of blue and yellow as featured in Van Gogh’s paintings Sunflowers and Almond Blossom, and below is the extended color palette.

“From today the Van Gogh Museum has a new corporate identity built around the artist’s characteristic brush strokes, his use of blue and yellow as featured in the enormously popular works Sunflowers and Almond Blossom, and quotes from Van Gogh’s letters. ”

A part f the new visual identity is also a new logo – “Our new logo is a square inspired by the form of the museum’s Rietveld building. It is a stamp with which we want to ‘brand’ our name upon all that we do”.
Well, that works fine for me. It’s a typical museum logo, it could be more interesting and creative though – but the rounded typography gives it a certain touch, making it totally okay. It’s interesting that it is typeset flush right, witch is not very common, but it gives the logo a bit of rhythm and a bit more originality in it’s generic look.


“Storytelling is expressed in the new corporate identity in the form of quotes which we will be using as a permanent feature, for example ‘…the painting comes to me as if in a dream.’, ‘I want to make drawings that move some people.’, and ‘…in a painting I’d like to say something consoling, like a piece of music.’

I just love this part. It’s great how they made a whole story from the new identity and even combined Van Gogh’s letters in it. It makes the customer feel more close to the brand, museum, Van Gogh, whatever.
There is a very nice balance achieved through the combination of the bold color palette, the contemporary look of Gotham Round and the footprint textures, each element complementing the next to create a fresh identity.

All in all, this is very nice work, they made a whole story out of  the museum and identity in a professional and creative way, making it a recognizable, customer-friendly brand of it’s own.