If you never heard for Keyshia Dior, you certainly saw her on MTV as a model or actress next to famous hip hop and R&B artists of today. She become famous thanks to Timberland’s short movie-video called “Say Something” playing her role as Lisa. Having that kind of jump-start in Hollywood, she used it for something bigger like creating a brand with her signature. She took advantage of her unique style based on R&B music.

The main characteristics were fluorescent colors that she knew how to combine to look different and glamorous. These colors are key field in her make-up style! Imagine green, blue or yellow lip gloss?! You probably thought that it was trash or an extravagance near to trash! So Keyshia Dior proved us that trash doesn’t have to be an un-styling bad thing. At first, people found her look weird because of her green lipstick, but later girls around the world started asking her about her make-up on her blog, wanting to know more details about it.
Everyone wanted that crazy, chic lipsticks, but where could they buy that? Until today, you couldn’t buy that kind of lipstick colors in a cosmetic store because no one has or had produced it.

Because of that, Keyshia Dior decided to create a brand called “Ka’oir”. This brand offers a cosmetic line of fluorescent lipsticks and lip glosses with shades she created on her own. That’s how she started a new production in cosmetic industry – no one has done it before her.
In time, girls started writing about this make-up on their blogs and making videos on YouTube with tips on how to use fluorescent make-up. Suddenly, everyone wants to wear green, blue, black or white lipstick! Additional popularity was brought by Keyshia celebrity friends as Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose, “Ka’oir” make-up playing an important part in their styles.

This kind of cosmetic doesn’t only show something new and innovative; it represents the person who is wearing it, as an independent, strong and confident or as it Keyshia would say “I’m a boss”!
So could we call this cosmetic line as cosmetic of new generation or it’s just another passing trend? Before you answer this question check out this documentary about Keyshia Dior: