Moneybookers? No, no, no, it’s Skrill now.

In summer of 2012, this brand will launch a new website with improved functionalities. After that, there won’t be any more Moneybookers. The new name will be Skrill.

Moneybooker and Skrill logo

This company announced more changes over the upcoming months, and they’ve stated that consumers can expect a new kind of next generation of payments. Currently, visitors can see the Skrill logo on the site, just to get a feel of the upcoming rebranding of this popular service.

So, what is Skrill and what does it offer?

Skrill is a brand that understands all commercial needs of a consumer. It offers a service that makes payments how they should be – with more choices, easier to use and with better relevance. Basically, it gives you the choice to use it however you want.

Skrill is the future of Moneybookers. After the rebranding, it will represent a secure and easy way to make payments, receive payments and transfer funds.