Team up a cutting edge design practice with a luxury whisky brand, and you can bet something amazing is coming out. The new Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection by Porsche Design Studio is a product of such a collaboration.

It is a collection consisting of two products: “The Chiller” and “The Cube”, although a custom made Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar is also available (10 pieces are to be produced at an estimate price of $156,000).

Only the finest materials like brushed titanium and leather are used to make this Private Bar, which measures 220cm high, 65 cm wide and weighs almost half a ton (450 Kg to be precise). Motion sensors activate the opening sequence, which reveals through a perfect 180 degree arc movement three bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and four crystal glasses (the bar also includes four regular glasses, an ice bowl and a water jug). Subtle illumination is added to achieve the maximum impact of a perfect serve of Johnnie Walker.

“The Cube” is encasing a bottle of JWBL, four crystal glasses and stainless steel tongs, which are presented on a 24 degree angled surface (24 degrees being, in fact, the angle of the bottle’s label).

“The Chiller” holds a single bottle, and is made of dark blue leather and brushed titanium. After revealing the bottle, the lid can be used as an ice chiller.

Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, Harrods, and Royal Mile Whiskies will be selling “The Chiller” and “The Cube” starting October 2011. Harrods, however, has the exclusive right to take in custom orders for “The Private Bar”. Some London hotels (The Savoy, The Mandarin Oriental) will be showcasing the products.

Personally, I have lost some respect for the Porsche Design Studio after their collab with Adidas, which resulted in a bit kitschy line of sneakers.  Not being too simple with the application of automotive details, and carefully choosing materials, I must say that they have done a fairly good job with this collection.