Beck’s Serbia has launched a mobile app as a promotion of their “When I drink, I don’t drivecampaign.

The app is a simple sobriety test where you ‘only’ have to prove that you are sober enough to drive. You need to insert a key whit a Beck’s logo, into a moving keyhole and keep it there for 25 sec. If you fail, and you probably will, the app will automatically call a taxi that will come to pick you up and drive you home.

The app is supported with GPS service, so the taxi will know exactly where to find you.
This is not the first campaign of this kind in Serbia, and the campaigns before have been mostly promoted by the largest beer companies. Although, people in Serbia like drinking beer more than water, they should also think of their safety, and the safety of all others.

This is an excellent campaign for the company and an awesome idea, but the real question is will the app work? I don’t think that I, firstly, would remember to use it after seven Beck’s, or any other beer, so I think rarely anyone will. If anything, it can alternatively be used as a great competitive game in pubs.

Created by advertisement agency Leo Burnett, Belgrade, Serbia.

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