It looks like Mattel wants to stop the scandal that ended up with the Barbie doll being called a serial killer. Exactly this was the accusation of a Greenpeace campaign and thousands of people that support them online; they accused Mattel for destroying rain forests to manufacture toys.
Besides that, angry people and organizations accuse Barbie that she is guilty for the break-up with Ken, so I guess this love story was heart breaking and too much to handle. Poor Barbie! The other part of the story is that, besides all accusations, Barbie was No1 brand in the Women Brand Index this year, so I guess women still forgive her.

barbie destroys

After numerous scandals Mattel changed its politics and decided to stop with using products from Asia Pulp and Paper that have been hazardous for Indonesian rainforests and Sumatran tigers. Their plan is to start their production with recycled materials right now, by the end of 2011. They hope the production will increases for about 85 percent by the end of 2015.

“In developing these sourcing principles and setting goals, we applied a thoughtful and rigorous approach in evaluating our supply chain and identifying meaningful opportunities for continuous improvement.”- Lisa Marie Bongiovanni, vice president at Mattel 

Mattel’s new goals are:

  • maximizing post-consumer recycled content, where possible;
  • avoiding virgin fiber from controversial sources;
  • seeking to increase the percentage of fiber that is certified by a credible third party.