When you’re selling mobile phones  that cost from around $5000 up to $83 000, which barely had smartphone functions until a year ago, you’d better know how to present them to the public if you want to sell any. Nokia owned company Vertu gave it a shot. They have hired a renowned Beijing based architectural firm – MAD architects to design a pavilion which opened on October 18 at the Pallazzo Serbelloni in Milan, Italy.

Vertu Pavilion

The pavilion’s purpose is to exhibit Vertu’s all new Constellation T touchscreen phone through videos and interactive touchscreen demonstrations. It can be disassembled and will be transported to other locations around the world such as London. Dubai and Shangai.

Vertu Pavilion

The whole structure is made of around 8 tons of steel, and resembles a meteor that crashed to earth “bringing with it new energy as it engages in conversation with the existing space” (according to designboom.com). The sense of the pavilion’s not belonging to the place it is surrounded by is even more amplified as Pallazzo Serbelloni is a building constructed in the 18th century. Yansong Ma, founder of MAD architects said:

“We choose a place that is very symbolic, very representative of different cultures. for example in Shanghai, we chose a location that used to be industrial, which I found interesting, because if something crashed to the land, it can land anywhere. So [the choice of location should be something that feels a bit accidental. Also when you look at the pavilion design, it has these randomly organized spikes—they’re all different shapes, different lengths and organized in a very random way—so you can feel the energy as something organic.”

The phone itself features a 3.5 inch HD sapphire crystal AMOLED display and an 8MP camera which is triggered by a ruby key. It comes in satin brown, red gold with mixed metals, polished black or pink and black or white alligator with diamonds.

Vertu Constellation T

As far as I am concerned, buying a 5 grand + phone based on Symbian OS in the era of brutal domination of iPhones and Android based phones sounds like a joke to me. If I had the money and a sudden wish for some kitschy extravaganza, I’d rather buy the 500 dollar iPhone/Android based phone, fly off to Jacob The Jeweler and have him make me a case incrusted with diamonds with the rest of the money. I kind of like the invading nature of the pavilion, though.