Some of the world brands are focusing primary on the younger generation, such as Levi’s or Coca-Cola, often launching some music projects and campaigns to connect its cans and support younger talents in making music which can be very helpful to the teenagers and adolescents.  Also, Converse has launched its Rubber Tracks Studio to give support to the emerging artists with an opportunity to record their tracks in professional studio, and Coca-Cola helped both fans and Maroon 5 to create a new song.  So, the non-music brands have so much to offer emerging musicians and songwriting talents, also music brands should at least do it on same level and even further.

The first one is of course MTV, the youth’s favourite music channel across the globe, which launched new program to produce local artists in Australia and New Zealand.

If you tally up music video programming across all the MTV screens, we’re playing more than ever before and Local Produce creates a platform for artists to break away from the pack,” said Rebecca Batties, GM, Music & Comedy, and MTV Australia & New Zealand. “Local Produce carves out a much-deserved space on MTV to crank up the volume and shout about amazing Australian and New Zealand artists.”

Local Produce

The new project will start in February across Australia and New Zealand and it will promote and more important give everything one real star may be needed, to ten perspective artists throughout the whole year. The channel will give “airtime, video rotation, tour support and background content for them to share with their fan base and MTV videos,” which will definitely help them enlarge their popularity in a very short period.

In this digital era it is impossible to think some project without e-support, so the audience will be able to track the artists’ promotion and support them online.

Excellent project by MTV, we really need different types of music, because it’s everywhere around us, even now while I’m writing this.