As I’ve been expecting from Starbuck, they launched a new app, but not some ordinary holiday app. Moreover, it is the augmented reality app that will let consumers animate their coffee cups with their smartphones.

The Cup Magic will be launched next Monday for iPhone and Android devices in the U.S, while in Canada it will be only available for the iPhone.

You can see more details on the video how it actually works, but as any app, it is very simple, you just need to point the phones camera at the company’s red holiday season coffee cups and 47 additional objects, such as bags of coffee on display at Starbucks retail locations.

While you do that, on your screen will pop up animations of five characters: an ice skater, a squirrel, a boy, a dog sledding, and a fox. However, you can interact with the characters, like you are playing a game. For instance, when you tap a boy on the sled he does a somersault.

Overall, those who activate all the five characters are qualified to win a prize. The only problem is that the prize isn’t announced yet, but that’s not a big problem I guess.

Of course, you can send and share social capabilities for the holidays, send e-cards and special offers from Starbucks on holidays, and much more.

As Alexandra Wheeler, the director of global marketing for Starbucks says, the object is to ‘surprise and delight’ customers during the holiday season.

Even though Starbucks had experimented with the AR apps years ago in an ad, Wheeler says this is actually the first major AR project by the company.

The app was created by Blast Radius, who has years of successful mobile implementations by Starbucks.

The brand had done so much in past year, such as launching a mobile payment app in January that has been used in more than 20 million transactions and a QR code program designed, like Starbucks Cup Magic, to enhance the in-store brand experience.