Here’s a nice little website that’s pretty much pointless but still kinda fun to play with once in a while, mostly when you want a bit of change in your drinking repertoire.
Drinkify pairs the optimal drink for the music you are listening to. It was made in ‘twenty four boozy hours’ by some people from the Music Hackday Boston, which is a full weekend manifestation of hacking in which participants explore and build the next generation of music applications. For making Drinkify, The Echo Nest and were used – see what else the site uses and more specific details on who made it and etc. here.
In which way and with what logic does the pairing work – who knows; but all I can conclude from this now is that a Rolling Rock goes best with the Arctic Monkeys and that some Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Simple syrup and V8 go best together with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

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