Who knew that a simple snowball fight could win you prizes and help save the polar bear? How is this possible you ask? Well, this month’s Coca-Cola cups will be sporting the design friendly QR codes along with its beloved mascot: the polar bear. Coca-Cola is working together with the World Wildlife Fund for the initiative with the goal of saving the polar bears habitat. These cups are not just something you buy, it’s also an idea you buy into.

Coca-Cola's QR Cups

A cup with the QR code which you can get at a nearby 7-Eleven store, when scanned, downlands a Coca-Cola app called a Snowball Effect for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a snowball-throwing game which you can connect to Facebook. But, it’s not just a game you can play to kill time, you also have a chance to win prizes and a trip to the Arctic for two. However, the app also leads to WWF’s site so you can donate to its cause to save the polar bear. With every $1 donated, Coca-Cola will donate another million. After all, the polar bear is a precious symbol for Coca-Cola since 1922’s French holiday add. This program will run through March.

Peter Callaro, group director of integrated marketing content at Coca-Cola says ”Though Coke has run other QR code programs in Japan and Germany, this is the first time the brand has executed one in the U.S.”. He also said that putting these codes on cups was a challenge, but they are also looking into introducing the QR code on cans.