“The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project”, a new, global, campaign from Smirnoff has begun as their “most ambitious experiment in global nightlife culture”. Smirnoff has been driven by their ability to  organize exquisite events that make people say “I was there”. The campaign is featured in 18 countries worldwide (as seen below) and is spearheaded by the countries’ prominent nightlife experts.


Smirnoff fans are invited to share their experiences on what are the things that make their best nights out through an official Facebook app developed by the company or on the company’s website. They can choose from already given categories (music, places, dance, food and drinks) and answer pre-determined questions, or just give make an original contribution.  The best ideas in each country will be gathered in a special crate (per country), and the crates will be exchanged between the countries on November 27. That way, people will be able to enjoy the best of some other country’s nightlife.


The Smirnoff Crate

The campaign’s main platform will be Facebook (through the app), but is also covered through a collaboration with MTV, a blogger program, a mobile channel (Smirnoff.mobi), and a TV and web advertising campaign (the spot can be seen below).

Are you visiting one of the crates on the 27th? Did you share your idea? Leave a comment below.