Converse announced the launch of their new sneaker line in collaboration with Gorillaz. The line will consist of four original designs featuring well known Gorillaz artwork. Damon Albarn (the band’s head vocalist and songwriter) and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett teamed up for the project, and it will be released in February 2012.


For now we’ve got only one sneaker design to show you, although we have more good Gorillaz news (like this isn’t already awesome enough): The partnership with Gorillaz will also include a Converse “Three Artists. One Song” music collaboration that will coincide with the launch of the collection! Plus, if you live in the UK: Gorillaz and Converse will host a Gorillaz Sound System evening at the legendary 100 Club in London, UK on Thursday, December 1. Fully endorsed by Gorillaz, Gorillaz Sound System will feature music, live percussion and special projections. Visit or for more details and ticket info. And if you like awesome original Converse sneakers, check out these popular show designs too.

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