This morning, Kodak has launched a campaign in New York City to set a million pictures trapped on Facebook free.


During the campaign, famous comedian and actor Mark Malkoff will be placed inside of a plexiglass box traveling around NYC. His only way out is through the users, who are invited to bring their Facebook photos to life using the new My KODAK MOMENTS App, or by creating a free, high quality, 8×10 collage in a KODAK Picture Kiosk. At the Kiosk they will be able to access their Facebook account, like Kodak’s official page and create the collage out of their photo albums, and then print it out. Mark commented on the whole idea:

“Think about it – billions of pictures are just crying out to be liberated from the world wide web and enjoyed off-line, in people’s hands… I’ve decided to take a stand and climb behind a glass wall to see what it’s like for a few days!” 

“By putting Mark and his photos in this box, we are demonstrating the need to free the billions of photos stored on FACEBOOK and encouraging consumers to do more with them… We created solutions like the new My KODAK MOMENTS App and the ability to connect to FACEBOOK from a KODAK Picture Kiosk, for stories that are worth more than just a status update.” Larry Trevarthen,VP of worldwide marketing at Kodak added.

The app, as well as the collage coupon can be downloaded, which can help set Mark free, so users’ physical presence close to the plexiglass box is not a must. Unfortunately, the campaign is limited to U.S. and Canadian residents. By printing the collage out, it can serve as a unique holiday gift for relatives and friends.

“With the App, customers can effortlessly create a premium photo book using photos downloaded directly from their FACEBOOK Albums and their friends’ (in compliance with Facebook’s Privacy Rules). With just a few simple clicks, it’s easy to add photos, pull captions, change layouts and designs and order a photo book directly on FACEBOOK for fast delivery to their home.”

The App is available on Kodak’s Facebook page, where users will be able to watch live footage of Mark trapped in the box, customers’ testemonials, and a counter which keeps track of how close the goal of 1M pictures set free really is. The free 8×10 collage on the Kodak Picture Kioskwill be available to customers until December 11.

“With the holidays just around the corner, the timing is perfect to try out the app and take advantage of the free collage offer,” said Trevarthen.


CVS/PHARMACY locations across the U.S., BARTELL DRUGS and DISCOUNT DRUG MART Stores will all be retail partners participating in the Free Collage Week.

I really like when companies find new ways to incorporate social networks into their campaigns. Considering the upcoming low teperatures in NYC, lets hope that it will not take long to free Mark.