After a series of documentaries of under-aged kids who die in alcohol-related accidents, Heineken decided to make a move. The most popular Dutch beer brand decided to send its consumers a message: ”Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers”.

What this actually means is that if you’re a real fan of beer, you will make it through the night and come back home during the sunrise (hopefully not alone), rather than extensively drink until you pass out. Since Heineken is (according to real beer lovers) in the category of top 5 beers on the planet, their slogan says that this funny green bottle of delicious potion should be consumed with pleasure as well as responsibility.

Consumers will have the opportunity to see Heineken’s propaganda on Youtube, Facebook and but probably not limited to Twitter and other broadcast in weeks that follow. In this video, there will be a Heineken character who is having a great time and still turning a beer down because he is just “taking it easy” with a bottle of water. Cyril Charzat, Senior Director, Global Heineken Brand, added: “In the film, our ‘man of the world’ brings to life the powerful idea that there are no limits, when you know your limits. We want to show that enjoying Heineken in moderation can be an integral part of connecting and engaging with friends, meeting new people and exploring new experiences.”

Alexis Nasard, CCO of Heineken announced that HEINEKEN has both the opportunity and the responsibility to encourage moderate drinking. This approach breaks from the norm of traditional responsible consumption messages and takes a progressive stance by showing that drinking responsibly can be aspirational. ‘Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers’ is a natural next step in our long term commitment to encouraging responsible consumption.”

This way, Heineken is supporting the idea of enjoying a few beers and referring back to the real value of beer-drinking.

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