Unibrand – a Belgrade-based consultancy, has recently unveiled the brand identity design for AM/PM store as the part of the Porto Montenegro retail project. The task was to create a simple brand identity following the overall destination brand concept – a luxury marina, residences and retail project in Tivat (Bay of Kotor, Montenegro). Unibrand proposed packaging design for array of natural made products, fashion details, paper stationery, merchandising and interior reflecting the brand’s marine inspired image. Brand logo is a graphical interpretation of nautical elements such as compass, clock, helm etc. set in a Porto Montenegro’s corporate typeface.

Based on interior design by Tino Zervudachi, Unibrand has teamed up with Ping-Pong Studio from Belgrade to provide the usage of natural and recycled materials to create a warm, inviting and unpretentious space with subtle nautical atmosphere, natural wood flooring and walls. The best feature of the entire brand identity is its design purity and simplicity. Clear shapes and elements with the strong Montenegro signature created a brand identity that’s easy to recognize and remember.