The TV commercial for Red Bull Signature series has been uploaded on Spontaneus’  Vimeo channel, the VFX agency behind the ad.

The series, which premiered on January 21 on NBC, stays true to the passion of extreme sports:

From the challenging peaks of the Canadian backcountry to the sandstone cliffs of Utah, The Red Bull Signature Series unleashes the most progressive and innovative competitions around the globe. All the action will be televised through jaw-dropping and one-of-a-kind action sports programming on NBC and the NBC Sports Network.

During this 1:20 seconds long commercial, the following sentence is written: “There’s a call for those who hear it, a challenge for those who seek it, a signature for those who OWN it.”

I’ve noticed that some clips from The Art of Flight have been used, although probably some outtakes or it was an intentional mix to showcase the Signature series in the best light possible. Kudos to Other Films, the producers of this clip, for creating a unique and thrilling video with a delivering a punchy dubstep soundtrack, and to Red Bull for managing to stay at the top of their game while developing a strong brand that is practically associated with extreme sports.