Nestlé has become very popular lately with its Dolce Gusto coffee maker, but now comes the a new one called The Nescafé Alegria, specially designed to appeal to Europe’s small businesses. All the coffee lovers will get an opportunity to enjoy more often in Nestlé’s coffee aromas. The Nestlé company has researched the market and realized that “there was no cost-effective system that would allow small organizations to make different kinds of coffee for their customers”.

Photos: Nescafé Alegria

The practical, small size design of The Nescafé Alegria is created by company’s ‘out-of-home’ food services business Nestlé Professional. It uses only one cartridge and it contains 115g of coffee enough to make up to 40 cappuccino cups or 120 espresso cups. It’s specially designed for the ‘micro-enterprises’ of fewer than ten employees.

“The days of a plain black coffee are over. Consumers want something more complex. It’s an advantage for small businesses like hairdressers, florists or car dealerships to be able to offer their clients a latte macchiato or cappuccino at the touch of a button. You simply place a cup of fresh milk on the machine and it steams it from above with a hot water jet. No milk passes through the system, so it’s very easy to clean,” said Michiel Kernkamp, Nestlé Professional’s Head of Beverages.

I think this design is perfect to serve its purpose as a practical and easy to maintain – after having installed one of these, small cafés will have no more excuses for their bad taste of coffee. The Nescafé Alegria is very similar to the Nestlé’s highly successful Nescafé Barista home coffee machine launched back in 2009 that was only available in Japan. This new machine has already been launched in five countries in Europe (UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Poland) and Nestlé plans to launch it Asia and Latin America.