The British multinational supermarket, Tesco has created a not-for-profit organization with the aim of raising money for women’s health charities, by selling the new feminine care range Halo – Feminine care range with a difference – the femcare range with a heart”. The 15% from every sale of Halo products will be donated to the recently formed Halo Initiative charity for the purposes of the better female physical, mental and social well-being. Research shows that every month women in the UK spend more than £20m on feminine care products. That’s certainly enough money to make some differences.

The Halo products range of pads, tampons and liners with a charity undertaking are launched this month with the idea to raise awareness of this project with its strap line: “Halo – Protects women every month, womankind every day. Halo will also launch a “playful” marketing campaign dubbed “Show us your knickers!

Now, this campaign is in progress and all women and men are invited to be creative with the design of their knickers or pants. “We want you to put your creative hat on, grab a pair of boring pants and turn them into bespoke masterpieces – you could win £500 worth of Tesco vouchers each month. So grab some glitter, sequins and whatever else you can find and send us your pictures of them.” I love this idea, It sounds interesting and it seems easy to win £500. All the entries can be followed on the Halo website and Facebook page.