The ideas of Heineken’s marketing experts and brand managers are always inspirational and quite catchy. The resent one is merging young designers with the nightlife clubbing culture and responding to the needs of clubbers.

This extremely exciting and thrilling campaign will be shown at the Milan Design Week in April. The concept, called Heineken Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club, is designed by 19 designers – taking their opportunity to showcase their work and imagination with the club designs. The designers are from all over the world: Milan, Sao Paolo, New York and Tokyo.

This promotion includes various types of design, from club interior design to simple fashion. The club can unite designers, clubbers and Heineken, so they create one and unique feeling and environment in clubs that will be special for all the night lovers.

Perfect timing, the Milan design week, for promoting clubs and demonstrating designs of interiors, graphics, fashion, products and motion, will lead to true demonstration and reaction of consumers, with plenty of after parties and real world clubbers – models.

Bellow you can see the short video featuring some of the designers and hear their words: