It seems that brands are slowly shifting their strategy to develop more sustainable and Eco-friendly products. Yes, it is the oldest trick in marketing – label something as being ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ while carefully playing with terms such as ‘reduced usage xyz percent’, ‘energy friendly’ or ‘recyclable’ and people will slowly start growing special affection towards it. Combine this property with the power of interactivity and social media nowadays, and you are bound to turn some heads, especially if you are a big corporation.

Following Heineken’s Bottle Of The Future design challenge and the announcement of the winners a few days ago, Heineken launched a ‘Heineken Ideas Brewery’, a brand new open platform intended for innovators around the world to freely share their ideas on the future of sustainable beer packaging. Simply put, with this Heineken Innovation Challenge Heineken wants you to find more ways on how to reuse and recycle, discover new packaging materials and ways on how to maximize transport efficiency. Of course, like any other big corporations, Heineken has generously prepared $10.000 for the best idea that will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • innovativeness;
  • feasibility;
  • and number of votes from the audience.

The best ideas will continue to a second stage of development where innovators will work closely with the participants to bring the ideas to a next level. So, if you are a citizen of Austria, Brazil, Canada (excl. Quebec & Yukon), China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, UK & US (excl. California) better be quick if you want to participate, because the deadline for submissions is May 8th 2012, with the winners being announced in June 2012.

“Innovation keeps our brands part of the conversation and that is why we made it a global priority,” says Alexis Nasard, Chief Commercial Officer, Heineken.

To officially start off the project, Heineken has started a mini 48-hour challenge on April 3rd 2012 at 5pm GMT with Janne Kyttanen, the Creative Director of Freedom of Creation and also a pioneer of 3D prototyping. Janne will be in a secret location for 48 hours, where he will develop potential solutions to Heineken’s Sustainability Challenge, ranging from concepts to prototypes. The best part? There is a live stream available at where you can watch every Janne’s move.

So dear readers and fellow beer drinkers, if you came across an idea while drinking in a pub somewhere and had one of those ‘Why didn’t they do this like that, its simpler this way’ moment, now is the time to contribute by submitting your idea to