Here we have a very lame attempt from Blackberry to promote the efficiency of their physical keyboards as opposed to the very popular touchscreen ones, consisting of two dorks trying to act like the Mythbusters, intelect-insulting humor and, of course, (what would we do without them?) a hot celebrity. The campaign is also, by the example of Christina Milian and the two wannabe Mythbusters, calling all BlackBerry users to also show off what they can do while messaging on their BlackBerry. Thus, we have here one of the oldest tricks in the book: the do-something-send-it-and-maybe-get-a-prize advertising principle. (Read more info about the BBM challenge here.)

Now, I know that some people will say how cool and fun this is, and that’s okay, but I just think it’s NOT. Why?

1. BlackBerry is trying to fight competitors in the market. They ain’t gonna be successful at it like this.

2. BlackBerry is not a fun don’t-do-this-at-home phone, so I really can’t see a businessman acting stupid in front of a camera and sending it (his video) to the website. Thus, the other thing we have here is a so called ‘target audience fail’. On the other hand, while writing this, I came to the idea that the brand’s plan is maybe to expand their target audience, because its past campaigns describe BB as a business platform, and now they are maybe aiming at a younger audience.

3. The disclaimer at the end of the ad. As few Youtube commenters pointed out – why advertise something the phone doesn’t do, when you can advertise something it does do, and does it good as a matter of fact. It’s not a bad phone; why use the last resort in advertising then? Also, the ad would actually make a little bit more sense if there WASN’T the disclaimer, proving a point that physical keys are better then the touchscreen ones.

Now, putting aside all the bad things about the campaign, and focusing on the good ones – maybe people will like it. Maybe they’ll send tons and tons of videos with different ways to message friends, and maybe, just maybe – the campaign will go well. After all, it has everything it needs – two dorks trying to act like the Mythbusters, intelect-insulting humor and, of course, a hot celebrity.