Pepsi just unveiled its first global campaign that was created as a result of Pepsi’s new global positioning as well as its extensive global research that indicates that Pepsi fans like to capture the excitement of now and live to the fullest. Hence, the name of the campaign –Live for Now.

Photos: Pepsi

Live for Now will start first in the United States and afterwords roll out globally throughout 2012. It will consist of  “global, pop-culture platforms, relationships with music and entertainment brand evangelists, digital innovation, epic events and unique partnerships”, inviting Pepsi fans to be a part of them and live each moment to the fullest. For starters, Pepsi will present a series of exclusive pop-up, Twitter-enabled concerts this summer featuring major music artists, and the campaign’s first spot will roll out in early May, featuring Nicki Minaj and her hit “Moment 4 Life”.

Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer, Pepsi Beverages Company says:

“The ‘Live for Now’ positioning will inform the way Pepsi behaves as a brand and is a fantastic filter through which to create exciting and innovative partnerships with some of the world’s leading artists and entertainment properties.  We are excited to be announcing a series of exclusive partnerships in the U.S. over the next few months that will breathe life into ‘Live for Now’ and offer one-of-a-kind experiences for our fans.”

Pepsi has already rolled out Pepsi Pulse – an interactive digital platform witch features trending pop-culture content, entertainment news and consumer incentives and interactions with celebrity visitors. Pepsi is also launching a version of Pepsi Pulse targeting bi-cultural, Hispanic consumers called Mi Pepsi, that will feature relevant content for this audience.

Photo: Pepsi

Now, a little less facts and a bit more analysis: Pepsi is going in a new direction and I think we all know where it is headed. The pop culture, the mega popular singer, even the redesign tell us that Pepsi is aiming for a world full of kids and teens, fun and trends. “Will this turnover be successful?” I bet everyone wonders; Will the consumers see this new face of Pepsi and approve of it, or will they discard it as if it wasn’t really what they would want from them? However it will be, Robert Passikoff wrote earlier in an article that Pepsi sales started going down from when Nicki Minaj and the brands whole bubbly teen theme started.

There are now two ways this can go, and it’s not going so good so far. But maybe it’s because of the transition period – the turnover, the people who are getting used to it and the rotational replacement of the key customer. The new look and feeling of the brand needs to adapt. And if everything adapts as it should, I think that this new angle Pepsi is going for, could, actually, bring it a lot more brand awareness and in general, it could turn out really positive. Don’t get me wrong, I myself hate this whole trendy teen angle, beginning from the logo redesign (I will never forgive them for that) to now, and I’m not even a Pepsi fan! But maybe, just maybe people will get more in touch with the brand and just – know and feel it better. Because, honestly, what did Pepsi represent and stand for earlier? What ever it was, it wasn’t big and strong enough, and this move just might position the brand in the market very well. And in the end, I don’t see why consumers would discard the idea of a new, fun and party-loving Pepsi, since Pepsi was always somewhat of a fun brand, and taking the fun to the next level and making something out of it, is, well, more then acceptable. Knowing that, I can’t help but raise the question – Pepsi, what took you so long?