Shutterstock, a global marketplace for digital imagery, today announced a new brand identity that celebrates the company’s evolution from its origin as a photography-focused agency into the thriving, diverse creative marketplace it is today. The new look blends technology and art, presenting Shutterstock as both an innovative company and artistic resource.

Shutterstock Images LLC is a leading global provider of high-quality stock photography, vectors, illustrations and footage to businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations around the world. They hired agency Lippincott to make this new visual identity, witch was revealed several days a go.

At the center of the identity is the new logo, witch gained a bit more style and a very simple yet effective frame symbol (a viewfinder) instead of the “o”, still subtly remaining in its form and similar font, pretty much alike to its predecessor. The frame can cleaverly be put on any advertising/promotional material, and, frankly, look absolutely great and effective, as seen below:

“Another aspect of the Viewfinder we love is its ability to highlight meaning in an image. It works for capturing a moment in time or a detail that changes your perspective.”

“Shutterstock was created to enhance visual storytelling. We understand the importance of imagery to communicate a message and we’ve activated that belief with this new brand identity,” said Jon Oringer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Matt Angorn, Vice President and Creative Director said: “The redesign reflects our personality and allows us to showcase our vast, constantly evolving collection of assets. We built upon the existing brand identity, maintaining a clean font and injecting a bold palate of red and grey. Red captures the passion of both our contributors and our customers, while the grey serves as a neutral balance and symbolizes the blank canvas that they work on.”

Shutterstock logo throughout the years

Photo: Brandingsource

I’m very glad Shutterstock has gone with this redesign, because, frankly, they needed it. But I’m more glad on HOW they carried it out – subtly and with style, giving it just a pinch of modern design to brighten it up. All in all, this is a job well done by Shutterstock & Lippincott.