With the current rise of the trend of beautiful data visualization, it doesn’t seem to surprise me that people are thinking of ways to use infographics for something a bit more different then just plain numbers and charts. Alejandro Grima gave us an interesting theory on how infographics might actually be very clever to use on product packaging design through his student project – InFusion tea packaging design.

Grima stated that the design solution is based on the brand’s need to communicate to the user the properties of each product and to differentiate many different product variants: “The graphic system used in the package is based on the use of pictograms to communicate the properties of each product (vitamins, reinforcement of the immune system, natural antioxidants…),” designed as a visual system able to organize any type and amount of information in a coherent and visual way.

When you start to think about it, the art of infographics made into packaging design info is actually one of the most creative ways to clearly yet creatively show information that people don’t really tend to engage with. The possibilities of using infographics this way are endless – just think of all the styles the info can be portrayed in; From a minimalistic take (like shown above) to the messy vintage looking ones we see really often.

Infographics are great for storytelling, and what’s more important to a brand than its story and engaging consumers through it it?