Bacardi has revealed two new exotic flavors of its rum in the U.S. market – Bacardi Wolf Berry (blueberry and wolfberry) and Bacardi Black Razz (raspberry and black sapote). Not only are the flavors ultimately exotic and quirky, and have never before been infused with rum, they also come in brand new packaging that features an unexpected twist. As Bacardi is served chilled like most other spirits, the packaging, when chilled, reveals the two simple, very modern and beautifully done illustrations, a red claw mark and a red berry logo across the label.

“Bacardi is committed to providing consumers with new and exciting flavor combinations that consist of unique ingredients with dynamic tastes,” said Toby Whitmoyer, vice president and brand managing director, rum category, at Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. “As the world’s most popular rum, Bacardi holds a leadership position when it comes to creating new innovative flavor combinations that blend the very popular, well known flavors with more exotic ones that are gaining momentum like wolfberry and black sapote, diversifying and adding color to the palettes of our consumers.” 

Also, this year, Bacardi is celebrating its 150th anniversary.