BMW announced that they will open the very first i-series store in London on July 25th. This store will be mainly focused on BMW’s eco-friendly vehicles. Is it a coincidence that BMW decided to open this showroom only two days before the grand opening of 2012 Olympics, as one of the main sponsors of the biggest sporting event on the globe? I don’t think so.

As one of the most important centers of business for BMW, London is the first city to have an i-series store and there is certainly a reason for that. First off, London is center of a very specific British market for cars, and is a connection between European and American car markets. Second, 2012 Olympics is just around the corner. Perfect mix of people from all over the world visiting London and that’s another opportunity for BMW to promote battery-based vehicles. This will obviously contribute to BMW’s brand image.

Ian Robertson, Member Sales and Marketing BMW comments: “BMW i Park Lane marks a completely new approach. Situated next to BMW Park Lane and MINI Park Lane, it gives people a perfect opportunity to learn more about electromobility and get close to our future electric and plug-in hybrid BMW i vehicles. This is a further demonstration of our commitment to electromobility.”

Beginning with i3, BMW will start their official sales in early 2013. Furthermore, as a part of i3 Concept, BMW has installed a mini bicycle in the trunk of the  the i3, called i Pedelec It is easily folded and fits into i3 luggage, where it can also be charged.

The whole i Concept is a great answer to competition’s innovative ideas. It will certainly have positive effects on BMW as a global brand, even though their sales of these cars might not be as expected, since German car manufacturers are the first ones to meet this specific standard.